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ATCS Workshop Descriptions

To register for a workshop, view the workshop schedule and then register on the right side of that page. Workshop documents are available at

Workshops with a red starare designated specifically for faculty.

Information Technology
iPad: Cloud Computing Do you remember when using flash drives was essential to your ability to store/backup and or exchange documents with your colleagues? Well, the next generation of document portability is here! It is called Cloud Computing and the iPad is very versatile in managing and accessing your documents from home and office; in addition to creating documents on the iPad and instantly making them available in your office or home computers! We will explore the various types of cloud services out there, and how they are helpful in giving us instant access to data we created and need.
Requirement: Please bring your iPad so you can practice.
iPad: Office Documents & Presentations Presentation tools in the iPad. Yes, we all know that there is NO Microsoft Office for iPad (just yet!), but it doesn't mean that we can't take advantage of existing tools to make possible presenting from your iPad. From connecting to a full fledge windows machine that allows you to present your PowerPoint presentation, to using iPad native tools to create and present; there are plenty of ways you can ditch your laptop and take your iPad to the classroom. We will examine the various possibilities on presenting your information and at the same time making the best of the tools available.
Requirement: Please bring your iPad so you can practice.
iPad: Video Conferencing As budgets shrink and our departments are having to do more with less, the iPad can be a very useful tool in the ability to interconnect with our colleagues. We will explore the various free video conferencing systems available to faculty and staff so that you can have that last minute one on one chat with a colleague or a co-worker. We will also cover tools that can enable you to view other colleagues work on screen and possibly help your students.
Requirement: Please bring your iPad so you can practice.
Online Teaching & Learning
Camtasia; Lecture Capture Description: Learn how to record, edit and share your demonstrations and presentations online using Camtasia Studio. This Windows-only application records your computer screen, capturing your cursor movements, menu selections, typing, and pop-up windows. It can even record PowerPoint presentations with audio! Come participate in this hands-on workshop to show you how to teach your students using screen recordings.
Requirement: Participants must have a SacLink account.
Prerequisites: Individuals taking this workshop should have basic computer skills, knowledge of the Web, basic Web browser skills, and the ability to effectively work in the Windows OS environment.
Collaborate: Virtual Classroom Meetings Blackboard Collaborate is a live web conferencing application integrated with SacCT. In this 1 hour demonstration session you will learn how to add and access Bb Collaborate in your SacCT course, become familiar with meeting setup options and learn about different tools available in a Bb Collaborate session.
SacCT: Advanced Tests faculty only This workshop will be significantly customized to the learning goals of the participants. Please come prepared with plans for an actual assessment (quiz, test, or survey) and the actual content material you need in order to work on building that assessment for intended use in a current or upcoming course. Participants will: Gain hands-on practice building an assessment (test or survey) in SacCT 9.1. Compare and contrast specific question types Learn management strategies for the "Tests, Surveys, and Pools" area in the Control Panel Discuss best practices to avoid common preventable issues Understand advanced settings and options for student access and test security Access advanced resources for additional support

Requirement: Previous use of the Assessments tool in SacCT Enrollment as an instructor in a SacCT course in which you can build this assessment, whether in a current term or development course.
To participate in hands-on activities during this workshop, you will need to use a SacCT 9.1 course where you are enrolled as an instructor. The course can be either from a current semester or a previous term. If you do not have a SacCT 9.1 course, create a course using SacCT Self-Service.

Prerequisites: This two-hour workshop is designed for faculty members who have already attended the initial "SacCT: Tests" workshop and/or have a corresponding level of basic to intermediate working knowledge of the "Tests, Pools and Surveys" area.
SacCT: Communication, Groups, and Collaboration In SacCT you can use communication tools such as Announcements, Messages and Calendar to keep students informed about important course information. You can also provide a space for students to collaborate with peers as a class or within groups, through collaboration tools like the Discussion Board, Blog or Wiki.

In this two hour workshop we will review both the student and instructor perspective of several of these tools. We will also review the Groups tool and how it can be used with the Discussion Board and Wiki to create a group activity.

Requirement: To participate in hands-on activities during this workshop, you will need to use a SacCT course where you are enrolled as an instructor. The course can be either from a current semester or a previous term. If you do not have a SacCT course, create a course using SacCT Self-Service.
Web Design & Editing
Advanced Web Content Management This training will focus on building (WCM) Web Content Management Pages utilizing templates, blocks and outputs. It is designed for advanced users of the WCM System.

Prerequisites: Web development experience necessary.
Faculty Web Site faculty only Faculty will create a Web Site using the campus Web Content Management system, which makes it easier to create, edit and publish pages. Software is NOT required. You will modify a template to include your contact information, publications and course titles. You are encouraged to bring materials including: contact information, a syllabus, course descriptions, images, and publication references.

Prerequisites: Prior to attending, please submit the Faculty Website Account Request Form
Web Content Management System Learn how to use the campus Web Content Management System in a hands on setting. Training includes instruction how to create, edit and publish pages using Hannon Hill Cascade Server and a web browser.

Prerequisites: Web development experience helpful but not necessary.